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The significance of a great warm-up; building blocks for stronger runners

The Why

A great warm-up is essential to limit your chances of injury. Indeed, when using large groups of muscles it is essential that you use efficient movements and maintain a low heart rate so you don’t fatigue your body. 

Prepare the muscles:

  1. Helps the body to deliver oxygen more efficiently to the exercising muscle groups. We think of oxygen as the fuel for our muscles
  2. Increases body temperature, therefore reducing the chance of muscle and tendon injuries.
  3. It provides a greater level of blood reaching the muscles involved in the activity. This thereby aids in the delivery of the important fuels (e.g. glucose and free fatty acids) required for energy production.
  4. Increases the suppleness of the muscle, thus enhancing the mechanical efficiency and power of the exercising muscles.

Prepare the body:

  1. Prepares the cardiovascular system for the upcoming (more strenuous) physical activity. In addition, warming up helps to ensure that the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) is given time to adjust to the body’s increased demands for blood and oxygen.
  2. Are used to practice skills and drills.
  3. It is a great opportunity for an individual to prepare themselves mentally.

The What

The exercises below are a great place to start a strength training session, what’s more, sign up below to see them or contact me to book a chat!

  • Lying gentle lumbar rotations – this will help to warm your core and lower back muscles
  • Fire hydrant knee circles – this will open the hips
  • Cossack squats – these target the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip adductors while also working your core, including your abdominals and lower back
  • Frog rocks – these warm up the muscles of the groin, upper back, and shoulder
  • Arms circles and arm backward and forwards – open the shoulder and upper back area

The Time Required

Ideally 10 minutes

If you are intrigued, then sign up for one of my coaching sessions to find out more and get started today! Additionally, you will get cool-down advice too!

Below is a useful continuation for a training run session and is an example of how I coach my sessions. They are the building blocks to becoming a stronger runner, therefore creating more enjoyment, longer running life, and achievement.

a great warm-up

Raise your heart rate

Walk/ jog – 10 mins


Activate your body

Dynamic stretches – 10 mins


Mobilise your body

Run specific drills – 10 mins


Cool Down

Static stretches – 10 mins


Reach your potential

The session – 30 mins


Words of Wisdom


''You'll never be brave if you don't hurt. You'll never learn if you don't make mistakes. You'll never be successful if you don't encounter failure''

Alexandra Oliver

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