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Hi, I’m Alexandra!

I love helping people fulfill their wildest running dreams. 

Helping to empower runners to achieve their goals with an easy approach while having fun is a real pleasure. I share the secrets of well-being, and how to run free of inhibition – no limit.

My qualification is Event Group Endurance and I am qualified to coach track and field, road, cross country and anyone wishing to improve their fitness, form and technique.

I hold the Leading Athletics, Movement Skills qualifications and I am a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Principles Coach.

Wherever you are in your own running journey, whether you have never run before, would like to run a local parkrun 5KM, or explore the possibility of running an ultra or anything in between, I can offer help, support and guidance.

By working with me, you will start a journey that will make you stronger both mentally, and physically.

I coach in the local community and work closely with local running groups, whose skill and expertise complement mine.

I consider myself to be kind, approachable, flexible and athlete led.
My athletes’ interests and wellbeing both physically and mentally are foremost in my mind when we are working together.

A few things I’m great at

Run Coaching and technique Feedback

I offer an honest appraisal of your current running style.

With real-time evaluation and feedback we can work on these areas together and see and feel the improvements, almost instantly!


The full package!

First off we engage in an honest strength assessment where we can discuss what areas you’d like to work on.

Next, we build, together, a personalised Athlete Profile: Your individual wants and desires, where you are currently in your fitness and running journey.

Then comes the creation of an achievable future run training and coaching schedule including strength and conditioning sessions, injury prevention maintenance sessions, all built solely around you and your lifestyle and commitments.

3 month minimum sign-up to ensure improvements are met and monitored.

TRAINING SESSIONs for all abilitieS

Want variety, a bit of fun?

I offer various running sessions.

Returning to running from injury

Interval training

Hill sessions

Benchmark sessions to find your current fitness, ability and distance level

Various fun sessions such as Fartlek, Tempo, Cadence Repeaters, Flying 30s.


Athlete Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my athletes say:

Alexandra coaches runners of all abilities and aims, in groups or 1:1, and takes great care over understanding their objectives, capabilities and areas for improvement, so that athletes and “social” runners all learn and improve from every session. 

Coaching sessions are well structured, locations thoroughly checked, and risks assessed and mitigated. 

Communication is another strong point, achieving a fun learning experience with very clear explanations and objectives, constantly seeking feedback and checking understanding. 

Having taken up running at an age when many runners are thinking of taking it easy, Alexandra’s advice, encouragement and coaching have made a real difference in improving my strength, pace, endurance and love of running. 

I think anyone starting running, returning after injury or just training for specific events or personal objectives could benefit from the coaching Alexandra offers.

Kevin photo

Group Session Athlete

I won’t deny that Alexandra is setting me some tough tasks, particularly the strength and conditioning work, but she has improved my running form, technique on trails and provided me with an interesting and varied fitness framework.

After several months of tutelage, I am feeling stronger than ever and less injured than ever before.

I can’t endorse Alexandra’s expertise and coaching skills highly enough.

Owen Photo

1:2:1 Coached Athlete Full Package

Alexandra is professional, encouraging, enthusiastic, and incredibly knowledgeable.

She loves what she does and that comes across in her coaching – she is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and equipping you with the knowledge and tools to do so.

Whether you are just starting out with your running, coming back from injury, training towards a specific goal, running strong but wanting to be stronger, and to better know your body and how to prevent injury, or something else,

Alexandra can help you, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.


1:2:1 Coached Athlete Full Package

Alexandra is a very knowledgeable and caring coach

She is passionate about running and coaching.

Her enthusiasm to help you become a better runner and to reach your goals is incredible.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Rachel Greener

1:2:1 Coached Athlete Full Package

I had completely lost my love of running and wanted to find a coach that not only inspired me but helped me towards my own running goals.

Alexandra has been fantastic and in just a few months has helped me achieve so much. She takes time to understand who you are and where you are at and then builds an achievable plan. She is friendly, accessible and exceptionally knowledgeable.

I have a good plan building to my goal race and have also had one on one coached sessions. The services she provides are great value for money and I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach!


1:2:1 Coached Athlete Full Package

Omg where do I start?

Since I have joined Alexandra, and NLRC, my running has got so much better.

I get to work around it with my family and I love it.

So thank you for working with me, it means a lot.

Achieve goals and good times


1:2:1 Coached Athlete Full Package


I believe that you are only limited by your mind. Everything is possible, but first you have to want.
Individual attention, group social runs, a picturesque adventure, a night run, navigation classes, everything is possible

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