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Coaching is an investment. An investment in your strength, health and your future.

Running coaches are there to offer guidance, support and motivation.

In addition, a run coach encourages you to grow through your running journey.

We are there to help you to achieve your goals.

By working on better technique, we get stronger runners.

Striving for injury prevention creating more time to enjoy running.

1:2:1 coaching is personal.

With a coach, the structure of your training is set wholly around you, your lifestyle and your work commitments.  We work backwards from your goals and ambitions and set a clearer pathway of how one might get there.

It can be a daunting place to be and a coach will help you to see things more clearly.

Maybe you feel that there’s a pathway you’d like to explore but you have fear, perhaps you have no one to talk through your ideas with.

Often we are more capable than we believe and by exploring your thoughts with your coach, you will be one step closer to trying.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have the time to dedicate to a training schedule, then there is no need to panic.  Help will always be at hand and you’re never alone in your journey.

We do not ask you to invest more time in your training; just be smarter with it!

You could absolutely go it alone. Many do…..but pause a moment….have a think….

Most runners will unwittingly increase their mileage, wrongly thinking that more mileage is good mileage.

The likelihood of injury increases and with that comes the loss of enjoyment.

Generally, they start to do things that don’t change their performance and the results they are striving for get harder to obtain. Reaching their full potential becomes harder, they fall flat and become unhappy and unengaged.

They lose motivation and enjoyment because their time is taken up by going around in circles and becoming fixated on the wrong things.

I believe that we are only limited by our minds.

Everything is possible, but first, you have to want. 

We will talk through your goals and ambitions. Then through a series of stepping stones, we work together to break down any barriers you might have, mental or physical.

Regular face-to-face sessions and check-ins will help you to remain accountable for your hard work and regular assessments mean we can update the structure of your plan at any moment.

A framework is provided for doing the correct kind of activities, in the right order to control workload.

Run specific activities that complement your program and allow you to spend the time dedicated to your adventure but also have a life outside it!

Regular calls and messages mean when you have a wobble, as we all do, talking will bring back the focus.

These calls are invaluable in order to share your wins in your training week, re-align your focus or change tack! 

There is always another way and together we will find it.

If you have read to the end of this article and want to be with me on this journey, then please contact me for a no-obligation chat!

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Words of Wisdom


''You are only limited by your mind. Anything is possible, but first you have to want''

Alexandra Oliver

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