The Ethos Behind No Limit Run Coaching – Do Not Be Limited

Reflections of 2023

The ethos behind NLRC is to break out of the mould. 

I believe that we are only limited by ourselves and other people’s beliefs. No boxes are needed here. We just need to do the right training and take the right recovery for our own needs as individuals.

I’m often told that an athlete has to choose a distance and choose road over trail or vice versa. Also, if you’re intending to run a road event or race, you should only train on the same surface. Is that really the same for everyone? Why shouldn’t we explore and see what makes us stronger? 

Imagine then, competing in a road marathon event, pounding mile after mile in training, on tarmac when you could take a weekend away somewhere, learn new skills, improve your judgement, foot placement, and posture, and get stronger core muscles (yes we use our core in running). Run on the trails!  These are a perfect complement to your training regime. It also stops boredom and the varied approach increases strength, endurance, and a love for what you are doing.

Click below for an example of a weekend away training.

NLRC Brecons Adventure Weekend

I have always believed in not setting limits, hence the name No Limit Run Coaching. 

I feel that along with my coach Tom Boardman, without whom I couldn’t have achieved my goals, and my team at NLRC, we have been working quietly in the background together to prove that every athlete requires a different approach,  but more importantly researching just what our bodies are capable of, what rest we require and how mixed distances and terrains contribute to the overall makeup and results a runner achieves.

This was my year with my training starting in November 2022 to attempt to gain a GFA ( Good For Age qualification for the London Marathon) with the following results:

  • Feb 5th               Murcia Marathon – PB 3:49.03 (Road) Mission accomplished GFA achieved
  • Feb 26th             Torrevieja ½ Marathon PB 1:46.41 – (Road) 3rd place podium GFA achieved
  • Mar 26th             Cranleigh 34km 3:39:54 (Mixed) Mission accomplished 3 full loops
  • Apr  8th               SDW50 miles – 11:06:58 (Trail) Mission accomplished
  • Apr 30th              Formentera del Segura 6km 29.27 (Road)1st place podium
  • May 13th             UTS50km – DNF – missed the tight cut-offs probably due to lack of recovery from the 50-mile event (Trail/Mountain) Lessons Learned
  • Jun 17th              RTTK 100km –  27:02:39 (Trail) Mission accomplished
  • Jul 8th                 WW50 overnight – 50km 7:54:02 (Trail) Mission accomplished
  • Aug 31st             OCC UTMB Finals – 56km 12:20:59 (Trail/Mountain) Mission accomplished
  • Sep 24th             Vitality 10,000m 51:40 (Road) Mission accomplished
  • Oct 1st                Solidaria AFA Alzheimers Torrevieja 8km 39.01 (Road) 3rd place podium
  • Oct 29th Worksop Halloween ½ Marathon Mission accomplished
  • Dec 3rd Hurtwood 50km (Trail) Mission accomplished

So, overall, I’ve worked across all distances, all terrains and it’s been a blast!  I have really enjoyed the mixed training, the different terrains, and ultimately the different events I have done. I don’t want to limit my enjoyment by sticking to one type of training, one class, one event, or terrain – but, it is important to set out with some clear goals so that you can factor in the recovery needed to do these events.

My advice would be to have a rough plan and mark which events you want to excel at and which you want as helpful progressions.  That way you don’t overload yourself.  You can always adapt a plan – it’s never cast in stone. If you need a hand with planning, goal setting or advice, get in touch.

A good athlete is an adaptable athlete.

Run free

Coach Al


Words of Wisdom


''Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when open''

Jim Marrs

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