Transform your running!

Transform your Running

I am repeatedly asked ”can running poles really help with my running?” The short answer is, of course! They will not only help, they will transform your running on hilly events, but choose your poles wisely.

Running poles are specialist, usually much lighter, typically carbon, and fold for easing stowing. Ideally, you would want to use them and then stow them, leaving you to run freely.

Here, Juliet is using Helvellyn Carbon Z-Poles but there are various poles to choose from depending on your budget and personal requirements.

So how do running poles help you to conserve energy in a race event? Take a look at this session….

Running poles can help conserve energy in a race event in several ways:

Improved Posture

Improved posture: Using running poles encourages a more upright posture, which can help open up your airways for better breathing and reduce strain on your back muscles, conserving energy over long distances.

Increased Stability

Increased stability: Poles provide additional points of contact with the ground, enhancing stability and balance, especially on uneven or challenging terrain. This stability reduces the risk of tripping or falling, allowing you to maintain a steady pace without expending energy on unnecessary movements.

Reduction of Impact

Reduction of impact: By transferring some of the load from your legs to your upper body, running poles can help reduce the impact on your joints, particularly on downhill sections. This can decrease muscle fatigue and delay the onset of exhaustion, helping you conserve energy throughout the race.

Improved Propulsion

Improved propulsion: Properly used, running poles can help propel you forward, particularly on uphill sections, by engaging your upper body muscles in addition to your legs. This distributes the workload more evenly across your entire body, allowing you to maintain a consistent pace while conserving energy in your lower body.

Overall, running poles can be a valuable tool for endurance athletes looking to optimise their performance and conserve energy during race events, especially in challenging terrain or over long distances.

In the words of Harrier Trail Running mountain leader Dan Summers

“ don’t wait until you’re tired to use your poles! Make use of them from the start of your hilly run or race to conserve your energy and reduce impact on your legs for a strong second half.

You wouldn’t wait to eat until 2 hours into your run, so don’t wait that long until you use your poles!”

Sound advice! 

Running poles have transformed my events. My number one purchase for the UTMB OCC

My number one purchase!
Transform your Running

These are the poles that I favour, they are Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles and they come in 5 sizes. Perfect for me as I’m tiny and need the 110cm poles!

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